Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Was Jesus Christ A Communist?

Even though “conservative right-wingers” may balk at the idea, but did the historical figure named Jesus Christ ever harbored Marxist-Leninist-socialist tendencies?

By: Ringo Bones

Growing up in the 1980s, I first suspected that the reason behind the “CIA sanctioned” assassination of the El Salvador Archbishop Oscar Romero back in March 24, 1980 was because he “had turned commie. But given the prevailing staunchly anti-communist environment of the capitalist West at that time, how could “conservative-right-wingers” and “strict observant Christians” like the then US President Ronald Reagan never voiced out that Jesus Christ might be communist?

Well, to the headache of the then leader of the Catholic Church – Pope John Paul II – the rise of what is so-called “Liberation Theology” where Christian charity is somewhat indistinguishably merged with Marxist-Leninist-Socialism for the benefit of the needy was often white-washed by the press and only those with I.Q.s approaching Carl Sagan at the time could figure out that Jesus Christ was an outright communist, or at least laid the groundwork of communism almost 2,000 years before Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The question now is why the then Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy and then FBI head J. Edgar Hoover even included Jesus Christ in their communist blacklist back in the 1950s? Does this mean at that time in the capitalist West that Jesus – like Islam in the Arab world for the past 70 years – is “hands off” when it comes to government censorship?

Well, when it all comes down to it, helping the least of your brothers – whether Marx and Engels style or in the name of Jesus Christ – can be a contentious issue in the eyes of secular humanist intellectuals who probably aid the least of their brothers out of sheer mercy alone. It seems that the debate whether for all intents and purposes Jesus Christ was a communist – or is the true founder of communism - will not die out anytime soon.  

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Je M'Apelle Ja'Nelle said...

Weird fact - Conservapedia, the conservative version of Wikipedia, has been trying hard not to paint Jesus Christ as a "communist" since 2006.