Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Buyers Remors And Monstrous Credit Card Bills: Over-Commercialized Christmas?

Buyers remorse maybe one thing, but dealing with monstrous credit card bills may be a sure sign that Christmas in the 21st Century is already over-commercialized?

By: Ringo Bones

So maybe you got very smart deals during the Black Friday shopping spree, after all you stood in line for almost 6 hours in a weather that only Soviet-era Young Octoberists would dare to endure. But did anyone notice - when 2012 secretly came - that we all had acquired a "dark passenger" in the name of buyer's remorse and monstrous credit card bills?

Christmas may had become over-commercialized since the end of World War II but its no excuse to shop for junk that we don't really need like there's no tomorrow. Capitalist consumerism didn't defeat the evil Soviet empire like Ronald Reagan have you believe. I'm just hoping that everyone has already found ways to pay off their monstrous credit card bills. Alleviating buyers remorse might be as easy as giving all your unwanted stuff to charity.

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